"How have European political elites stifled innovation and emptied out freedom in the name of solidarity and social justice?  Samuel Gregg tells us how, with clarity and detail. And he tells us how we Americans can retain and reignite our spirit of civic entrepreneurship and love of economic freedom.  This book is a sober warning for all of us. But it's also a vital guide for everyone who want to preserve the free society and the uniqueness of the American experiment."
-Edwin J. Feulner, President, The Heritage Foundation 

"If you don't know Samuel Gregg's writings, you don't know one of the top two or three writers on the free society today...Gregg has produced a profound explanation of the economic crisis shaking the Old Continent, and shows where the New World seems headed in the same direction. "Becoming Europe" is magnificent in its scope, compelling in its analysis, and ultimately hopeful in its conclusions..."
-Michael Novak, author, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

"Gregg spotlights the perils of American progressive arrogance so clearly they can no longer be denied or ignored. His logic is incontrovertible. Every economist, historian, and politician should read Becoming Europe."
Amity Shlaes, author of The Forgotten Man and Coolidge.

"Becoming Europe might not sound so bad: old buildings, long lunches, generous welfare. But, believe me my friends, it's not where you want to be. Europe is a terrifying example of what happens when the state gets too large and the money runs out. Don't imagine that it couldn't happen to you."
Daniel Hannan, British Conservative Member of the European Parliament

"Highly readable, well-researched and extremely timely. This book is the definitive case why America should cling to its belief that liberty and free enterprise are the source of human flourishing rather than follow Continental Europe into corporatism, big government and economic stagnation. It deserves to be widely read."

Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs International and former special adviser to Margaret Thatcher